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International gecko and antique buyer

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Contact : Ichsan Lusman
Email     :
cellphone : +6281319518787, +6285255966267,, +6287886022939, +6285692913289,
address   : Gading Serpong sektor 6, blok GB2 no 32, Tangerang, Indonesia

We are International gecko and antique buyer from Indonesia wants to have a professional transaction with you, we are working locally and globally to buy tokay geckos and antiques with the following criterias :


1.   Tokay gecko/gekko gecko/gecko linneous species.
2.   In good health.
3.   Not wounded and has complete body parts.
4.   The head of the gecko must be wider and bigger compared to its stomach/belly.
5.   Sensitive and responsive.
6.   Achieve the minimum weights and package.
7.   Has the shape of a house lizard with red/green/white/purple spots.
8.   Can stick to wall/wooden/glass surface.
9.   Tokay is naturally fed and has a yellowish chest
10. No black magic


330-349 gram 8 pcs/package 2,,577,319/pc
350-379 gram 4 pcs/package 3,608,247/pc
380-399 gram 1 pce 10,309,278/pc
400 gram up 1 pce 500.000.000.000/100 gram 51,546,391/100 gram
500 gram up 1 pce 510.000.000.000/100 gram 52,577,319/100 gram
600 gram up 1 pce 520.000.000.000/100 gram 53,608,247/100 gram
700 gram up 1 pce 530.000.000.000/100 gram 54,639,175/100 gram
800 gram up 1 pce 540.000.000.000/100 gram 55,670,103/100 gram
900 gram up 1 pce 550.000.000.000/100 gram 56,701,030/100 gram
1000 gram up 1 pce 600.000.000.000/100 gram 61,855,670/100 gram

*must fulfill our criterias, achieve the minimum weight and also follow our system of transaction.
* net price, tax free (paid by buyer)
* All contract is signed using Indonesian Rupiahs, but maybe converted to USD for overseas payment, the price of USD value is an approximate depending on Indonesian currency exchange rate.
*For tokay above 400 gram is paid per 100 gram, below 400 gram is paid by piece
* if the tokay is only 1 pce it must have the weight of minimum 380 gram to pass the weight examination, and also fulfills the other criterias as posted above. if it is below 380 g must be sold in package (see the list)
* Currency exchange rate of the above calculation is Rp. 9700/ usd, and may  vary depending on Indonesian economic stability and exhange rate.

Examples of natural tokay

and the feet must be like this :
Close-up of flat toe pads on a gecko foot. These along with the all-important spatula-like split ends on hundreds of tiny setae make wall-clinging possible.

overfed tokay, unagressive, big stomach but has a small head, unproportional body.


or this, leopard geckos, it won't be able to pass our criterias above and considered as a lizard only

Besides tokay, we also buy antiques (belt sword) that fulfills our criterias, please see the pictures and criterias below :

Price : Rp. 1.500.000.000.000,- or Usd 166,000,000,- (no physical defect and in complete condition)
Has the ability to cut a 5" nail with maximum 2 incisions, anti magnet, made of titanium, no serration at all.
Price : Rp.,- or usd 555,555,000 (no physical defect and in complete condition)
CRITERIAS : has the ability to cut a 5" nail with maximum 1 incision, anti magnet, made of titanium, no serration at all.


1.   Owner or mediator of the tokay/antique comes  to our office in Jakarta to sign MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), in MoU contains about criterias, system of payment, rights and responsibilites  of both parties, place and time of transaction, and what makes a successful transaction and what causes a failure. You are charged with booking fee as your performance bond that you have the right gecko or antique that suits our criterias as posted above. In maximum 3 days after the the payment of booking fee and signing of  the MoU, we can depart together to the transaction place as written in MoU. 3 hours after the arrival of our tester in the transaction place, you must be able to show the tokay/antique with the right criterias and weight (for tokay) as written in MoU. The failure to provide product that suits the criterias can cause your booking fee unreturnable, but if you really have gecko or antique that suits the criterias, your booking fee will be returned ten times the amount of your booking fee as a bonus only, plus downpayment 100,000 usd as downpayment, given in front of the bank officer after you sign the sales/purchase agreement.

2.      The amount of booking fee can be seen at the list below.

3.    After the MoU and acceptance of the booking fee, we ll directly process the administration either in bank or office, so if the tokay/antique suits the criterias, the payment can be executed on time.

4.     If after 3 hours since the arrival of our testers, we are not allowed to examine/test the tokay or antique with any reasons, the transaction is declared as a failure and your booking fee is not returnable, but if it passes the criterias we ll directly proceed to the bank to process the downpayment and return your booking fee as your bonus, and the tokay is guarded by both parties.

5.     Testing of tokay/antique is done twice consecutively, we take pictures, put it on scale machine (for tokay), owner or the seller’s mediator must also have his own scale machine for neutrality.
For belt sword/handroll we ll examine the physical originality, physical defect, completeness and do the testing with 5 inch nail as mentioned above, the testing is done twice in a row (but change location) with two 5 inch nails.

6.     After passing the examination, buyer will pay usd 100,000,- as downpayment in front of bank officer after processing the documents, the overall payment will be settled in maximum  5 x 24 banking hours. 

7.    During the transaction time, if it passes the criterias it is a must that we are allowed to guard the tokay/antique untill finish of payment, and the gecko/antique is locked securely in a room.

                                             RUPIAHS                              USD

ACEH 40.000.000,- 4,444
NORTHERN SUMATRA 35.000.000,- 3,888
SOUTHERN SUMATRA 35.000.000,- 3,888
PEKAN BARU 35.000.000,- 3,888
PADANG  35.000.000,- 3,888
BATAM 38.000.000,- 4,222
KEPULAUAN RIAU 42.000.000,- 4,666
BANGKA BELITUNG 35.000.000,- 3,888
JAMBI 35.000.000,- 3,888
BENGKULU 35.000.000,- 3,888
NIAS 40.000.000,- 4,444
LAMPUNG 30.000.000,- 3,333
JAKARTA 6.000.000,- 666
BEKASI 10.000.000,- 1,111
TANGERANG 8.000.000,- 888
DEPOK 10.000.000,- 1,111
CIKARANG 12.000.000,- 1,333
KERAWANG 16.000.000,- 1,777
PURWAKARTA 18.000.000,- 2.000
MERAK 15.000.000,- 1,666
SERANG-BANTEN 20.000.000,- 2,222
BOGOR 15.000.000,- 1,666
WESTERN JAVA 20.000.000,- 2,222
CIREBON 22.500.000,- 2.500
GARUT-TASIK-CIAMIS 22.500.000,- 2.500
CENTRAL JAVA+ 27.500.000,- 3,055
EASTERN JAVA 30.000.000,- 3,333
PASURUAN 35.000.000,- 3,888
KEDIRI 35.000.000,- 3,888
NGANJUK 35.000.000,- 3,888
PONOROGO 35.000.000,- 3,888
BONDOWOSO 40.000.000,- 4,444
SITUBONDO 37.500.000,- 4,166
TULUNGAGUNG 37.500.000,- 4,166
TRENGGALEK 37.500.000,- 4,166
MALANG 35.000.000,- 3,888
JEMBER 37.500.000,- 4,166
BANYUWANGI 42.500.000,- 4,722
MADURA 37.500.000,- 4,166
WESTERN BORNEO 38.000.000,- 4,222
CENTRAL BORNEO 38.000.000,- 4,222
SOUTHERN BORNEO 38.000.000,- 4,222
EASTERN BORNEO 38.000.000,- 4,222
BALI 38.500.000,- 4,277
EAST NUSA TENGGARA 52.500.000,- 5,833
WEST NUSA TENGGARA 48.500.000,- 5,388
SOUTHERN CELEBES 48.500.000,- 5,388
WESTERN CELEBES 48.500.000,- 5,388
CENTRAL CELEBES 48.500.000,- 5,388
SOUTHEAST CELEBES 48.500.000,- 5,388
NORTHERN CELEBES 48.500.000,- 5,388
GORONTALO 52.500.000,- 5,833
MALUKU 57.500.000,- 6,388
NORTHERN MALUKU 57.500.000,- 6,388
PAPUA 68.500.000,- 7,611


RUPIAHS                    USD
PAPUA NEW QUINEA 75.000.000,- 8,333
TIMOR LESTE 150.000.000,- 16,666
MALAYSIA 150.000.000,- 16,666
THAILAND 200.000.000,- 22,222
PHILIPPINES 250.000.000,- 27,777
VIETNAM 275.000.000,- 30,555
CAMBODIA 250.000.000,- 27,777
MYANMAR 295.000.000,- 32,777
LAOS 275.000.000,- 30,555
COLOMBO (SRILANKA) 375.000.000,- 41,666
DACCA (BANGLADESH) 395.000.000,- 43,888
INDIA (NEW DELHI) 395.000.000,- 43,888
NEPAL (KATHMANDU) 450.000.000,- 50.000

* payment of booking fee is for capital city and is paid in Indonesian rupiahs, the above usd amount is an approximate only.
* booking fee is equivalent to performance bond

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a booking fee?
Booking fee, which is refundable if the customers fulfill their obligations, is a fee charged to  customers, as a guarantee that they have products that suit the criterias wanted by buyers and ready to follow the whole system of transaction and vice versa, the buyers promise to buy if the customers really can provide products that suits the MoU signed by both parties.

Why should we pay booking fee?
We run this business all over the country, the lack of time and to assure that we meet the right person in this business is our main reason. A successful transaction is not just about gecko or antique with the right criterias but also involving many people with different characters. This booking fee assures that they are ready for transaction, willing to follow the system of payment, and doesn't change the agreement with any reasons. We are very serious people in this business and hope the same from the seller. By the time you pay booking fee, it means we have to arrange the banking and office administration to quarantee a smooth payment as written in MoU.

What are the advantages with the booking fee system?
whatever the amount of the booking fee, by the time you proove that the tokay/antique can be transacted without any objection by the time we arrive in the transaction place, and it suits the criterias as posted in my blog, we return it 10 times the amount of your booking fee as a bonus only, and we also pay the downpayment in the amount of 100,000 usd in front of your bank officer after the law officer settles the sales/purchase document. And the tokay/antique will be guarded by parties involved until the day we settle the whole payment. The total payment won't exceed 5 days banking hours as long as you can provide the valid id and bank account.

What if i pay the booking fee and the buyer doesn't show up?
first thing to tell you, we are real person with the integrity and capability to execute a big transaction. when you are ready to have a transaction with us, we welcome you to come to our office in Jakarta, we explain what cause a failure in a transaction and the criterias needed in very detail, and if you think that the criterias and conditions suit you, you may deposit your booking fee and sign MoU directly, on the time agreed in MoU we ll fly together to the transaction place. Supposing there is force majeur and we can,t depart by any reasons, just come back to our office, we ll return twice the amount of your booking fee. But I tell you, this will never happen, because we always keep our promises.

If I don't pay the booking fee, can I have a transaction with you?
We are sorry for that, without guarantee we can't have a transaction with you. We are looking for a person with commitment, integrity, smart, and serious to execute a big transaction, and not just selling unresponsible infos for tokays or antiques that don't suit the criterias. but if you have the right gecko or antique, but can't afford the booking fee, please try to find a sponsor to help you with this matter.

How come the booking fee is so expensive?
well, the payment of booking fee is to ensure your payment if the tokay/antique suits the criterias. By the time you sign MoU with us, it is our obligation to prepare payment and must be paid using your local bank, for such a big money, we even have to report to our central bank if we want to pay in overseas. Small money needs small expenses, big money needs bigger expenses. How about millions of dollars? If you want to risk only small amount of money if it doesn't suit the criterias, just bring it to our office, especially for antiques it can't lose weight, right?

How if I have the right tokay/antique, but I don't believe the buyer has the ability to pay.....
I can understand this, there is another way. We can have a penalty transaction. You prepare minimum usd 300,000,- and we also prepare the same amount, we deposit together in our national bank in Jakarta,  sign agreement in front of the bank lawyer, if we can't settle the whole payment by the time signed in MoU, the money is yours, but if you can't show a tokay/antique that suits the criterias (and must be transacted, not just shown) the money is ours. The lawyer will be the judge and fly together with us. We are very ready for this.

Why are you so strict about the criterias?
Gecko and antique business is not a game. do you have any idea how many people have gone bankrupt because of meeting the wrong seller and buyer? If i am strict it means I want to be kind to you, speaking about big money, must be followed by strict criterias. I just don't want to make everything easy while I know it is not easy to have a real transaction  As long as you are having the transaction with us, just make sure about the criterias, follow our system, we ll proove the real money to you.

For tokay, how if I transact by package (330 g- 349 g  - 8 pcs), my stock is 8 pcs only, 7 pcs pass the weight and criterias and only 1 pc fails, do you pay?
No, we don't pay. To have a transaction is like having a war, not by physical but by strategy. If you choose to have a transaction by package, prepare double package or more as a reserve to guarantee your success in this business.

What do you mean by "no black magic"?
In Indonesia, a tokay can change into something else (sometimes it can also changes  in size and quantity) because it is taken from spritual world using special ritual. We don't buy this kind of tokay/antique.

If I have 8 pcs of tokays at different places but still in one town, can you do the transaction?
no, one booking fee is for one spot only.

There is a law here called "AMLA" (Anti Money Laundry Act) and I want to ask if we have a transaction with you, can you pass that? or will you have the AMLA immunity?
One thing for sure, nobody including us is above the law, as a good citizen we must obey the law. When we settle the whole payment we even report to your central bank. Every people involved in this transaction will be given proof explaining the source of funds. And after the money is depostied in your account we ll ask you to withdraw a certain amount, if you can do it without any rejection from the bank officer it means we have finished our duty.

Why is the gecko/antique buying involves such a big amount of money that I think it doesn't make sense. Is it true that WHO (World Health Organization) also buy tokay gecko?
One thing I can tell you, I face a lot of people critize my price and tell me it doesn't make sense. To me, what I am offering is actually a sharing profit, if they don't want the high price, just tell me, we can have a deal with a lower price :-)
WHO doesn't buy tokay (so be careful if there is somebody admits he is a tokay agent from the WHO), if it is just for the cure of AIDS (as many people tell you), the price won't be that high, because only a few people have the ability to pay for the cure. For us, there is another usage of tokay and antique that we need, and it is more than just a medicinal purposes. 

Do you have any representative in our country?
No, Tokay and antique transaction is a big transaction, every transaction is done by us directly, So, if you want to have a transaction with us, just follow our system, make sure you have a tokay with the right criterias and weight, come to our office in Jakarta, sign MoU, deposit your booking fee, depart together to transaction place, follow the payment system, and we ll take care of the transaction till finish of the whole payment.